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This level is for those who are not in a hurry and can move at a comfortable pace through the selection and testing processes. The second payment is due at the time of your final color selections are made and before your color rendering and maps are sent to you.

($250.00 at start and $100 at completion.)

Our Price: $250.00

Quick like a Bunny

This option provides a quicker turn-around on all items production and places your project higher on the queue.

(No deposit option)

Our Price: $550.00

Instant Gratification

This option is for those who need a short turn-around on all items and includes overnight shipping of your final Color placement maps.

Our Price: $750.00

Roof Color

This option provides you with the assistance to select and build your new roof colors into the over all building scheme.

Our Price: $75.00

Porch Design

This service will provide you with visual examples of period porches and porch details to assist you in rebuilding, reconfiguring or restoring damaged or removed porches. Examples will be provided from period sources such as plan books, builder's manuals and millwork catalogs.

Our Price: $350.00

Garage Colors

If you own an accessory building, such as a carriage barn, studio or free standing garage that requires color placement, there is a slight fee to supply that service.

Because pricing for this service varies, please contact us with the details.
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