How much does the service cost?
The basic service is $550. More information on the different levels of service and additional services such as roof color consulting and porch repair/replacement is available on the Pricing Page.

How long does it take?
We can get started the day your materials arrive. That can be as soon as tomorrow if you email your photos, complete the online data form, and pay via credit card. The time it takes to complete the process depends on your schedule and the amount of time you need for consideration and testing of the recommended colors. The final step in the process, the preparation of the Color Placement Maps, depends on the length of the project queue. Every attempt will be made to be very responsive in getting the Color Maps to you promptly. Instant Gratification fee clients have preference in that queue. For some clients the process has been completed as quickly as three weeks. However, most clients take longer to consider and test the suggestions. If you have do not have much time, the most important timing issue is scheduling a painter to start.

What kind of paint/stain will you recommend?

Color suggestions will be made for nationally available brands from major manufacturers. We have taken the time to match historical documents (paint brochures and swatches) to the modern “fan-decks” which allows us to recommend colors that are historical but available in your area.

How many color options will I receive?
We work with you to develop a set of colors with which you are satisfied. This can happen in the first set of suggestions or it could take several iterations. Our goal is a great looking building and a satisfied customer.

What if I’m thinking of changing my roof at the same time I’m painting?
This is often a great time to change a worn or oddly colored roof. We can work with you to develop a color scheme that incorporates the new roof color. We are in a much better position than roofers or building materials sales representatives to suggest manufacturers and specific colors for your new roof that are more architecturally accurate for the house.

I want to restore or alter my porch – can you help?
We can supply you, your contractor, or your architect with actual period images of porches and porch details that can be adapted or copied to fit your home. Often the most difficult task in porch renovation is understanding what the final product should look like. Images, drawn from such sources as period millwork catalogues and house plan books, can illustrate what you need. Be sure to check the appropriate box on the Questionnaire to receive this service.

I know my house is old but don’t know what architectural style it is. Can you help identify it?
We would be happy to identify your home’s architectural style and even its sub-type within that style, i.e. Victorian Queen Anne, Italianate Villa, Bungalow Double Front Gabled, etc.

Can I give you digital photos?

Yes, this is the preferred method. They need to have good resolution/quality to ensure that all the necessary architectural details are viewable. Regular prints are also suitable. We will scan them and adjust them to the appropriate specifications. If you have questions about digital photo images, just sent an email to

What photos should I take?

Please check the Photo Hints page that will assist you in taking the correct photos.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes – you can pay for the service with any major credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex. You can make your selections for service by using the Pricing page.

Do you consult on more modern homes and buildings?

Yes, modern architecture needs appropriate colors to look its best just as historic buildings.

We are now accepting clients for all the 2011-2012 paint seasons.

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