Our system prioritizes work into three distinct time frames and service levels. This work can be accomplished via email or through the mail.

1. Choose a level of service that works with your schedule: Timely; Quick Like a Bunny; and Instant Gratification. Costs and details are found in Pricing.

2. Pay for the service to receive the Questionnaire; fill out and submit the form.

3. Take photographs of your home (see Photo Hints page) and send the photos to us. Digital photos can be emailed or sent on a CD.

4. When we have your information, we determine the architectural style of your house and its approximate period of construction. Many buildings are a mix of styles, and colour suggestions often can reflect that fact. The houses’ architectural style will provide clues indicating suggested colour schemes.

5. Using the information supplied on the Questionnaire along with an extensive checklist of items such as location, roof colour, and amount of detail, we determine which of the following four methods or theories of colouration might be applied to your building:
a. Original colours (what were the colours when it was built);
b. Appropriate to the period colours (what could have been done when the house was new);
c. colours it might have been during another historic period;
d. Post-modern colours (something like “Painted Ladies”) using modern colours and themes to decorate the building.
It should be noted that you, the resident, live in the building everyday and see it every time you approach the front façade. Personal colour preference (especially for the body colour) is an important factor to consider.

6. When your information reaches our office, we will contact you. After a full analysis of your information, we will provide you with several suggested body colours to consider. These colours will likely be culled from historic period sources such as paint brochures, house plan books and magazines. We will also provide you with a set of colour Testing Instructions to assist you in the colour decision process. After you decide on a body colour, you are supplied with suggestions for several different detail colour combinations (trim and accent colours). These are sets of colours that work together to highlight major elements and show off the architectural style of the building. They are based on historic colour schemes from our library, including old painting manuals, paint supply catalogues and historic photographs. All suggested colours will match readily available national brand paints.

7. Since colour is such an individual choice, the importance of painting swatches cannot be over-emphasized. It helps to decide whether we suggest changes or variations in colour intensity. All paint stores are capable of matching by computer any paint colour. We can use period paint sources as well as modern examples of historic colours provided by national paint manufacturers. This testing allows you to see how the colour looks and acts in various light conditions. The finalized colour scheme is indicated on colour Placement Maps, which detail specifics about what colours go where on porches, windows and other architectural details. You will give these to your painter. Painting contractors are happy to use these maps as it makes pricing and placement much easier.
Also, the finalized colour scheme is rendered with coloured pencil. This original drawing, suitable for framing, provides an overall idea of how your house will look.

8. If you are re-roofing or planning on renovating an exterior feature (a porch, for example), we will happily offer suggestions to assist you in these projects as well. See the section for additional services on the Pricing page.

9. Since these is some interaction between us that includes emails, colour testing and questions, much of the total time is dependent on your schedule. A recent project for a small bungalow in Los Angeles had completed colour maps in the customer’s hands in less than three weeks. Assuming you have the requisite time and urgency, a similar schedule is possible. Other projects stretch over several months as owners take their time giving considerable thought to the colouration decision. The level of service you choose does have an effect on such items as email response time and status in the queue for preparation of the colour Placement Maps. Clients subscribing to the Instant Gratification level are the first priority, followed by Quick Like a Bunny and then Timely level clients.

We are now accepting clients for all the 2011-2012 paint seasons.

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